Hello and welcome to the first of many blog postings!

We start on a serious note, and feel this shows our commitment and passion in providing you and your loved ones an excellent service. Last month a worrying report from the health watchdog Healthwatch England highlighted failings of home care services. It brings together the findings of 52 local Healthwatch bodies between August 2015 and June 2017, and encompasses the experiences of 3,400 users, families and staff. The majority of people were positive about the care they received from dedicated and compassionate staff enabling them to remain independently at home. But, Neil Tester, the Deputy Director of Healthwatch England said: “People talked about care that didn’t meet even basic standards.” Examples of a lacklustre service include:

  • Carers unable to boil an egg or make the bed
  • Needing to be taught “home care common sense”
  • Having to go two weeks without a shower
  • Missing appointments and arriving at different times to those agreed

When staff lack experience and basic skills, such as being able to wash someone or make them breakfast this can result in poor care and Bury North Care want to assure you that all our staff are trained, experienced and have empathy for others. Rest assured, our staff have Food Hygiene Certification and will be able to rustle up something delicious for you to eat, whether that be a soft or hard-boiled egg or even a home delivered meal from Cuppaccino. We are currently in dialogue with a number of companies who provide home care software; this is the best way to manage everyday care and give transparency to clients and their loved ones. It will be a secure, cloud based system accessible to our staff on any device that will rota plan care teams, securely record notes, keep track of staff training, generate invoices and keep loved ones updated; whilst reinforcing CQC compliance. We also have a robust Quality Assurance Policy in place to ensure we deliver and maintain high standards of care.


Download Healthwatch Homecare Information pack

Link to Healthwatch Website